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Sat 2 Dec 2017

Aura Power distribute leaflets to some residents living near the area of proposed battery storage system inviting them to a community consultation on the plans at the Mandeville Hall, Burwell, on Tue 5th December 2017. This is a drop-in session from 2 pm to 7 pm. RADE Buwell encourage all concerned residents of Burwell to attend to find out more.

Fri 24 Nov 2017

Developers Aura Power, who are planning a a new battery battery-based energy storage system in Weir's Drove, meet with RADE Burwell to discuss their proposed development. RADE Burwell raise concerns about noise, impact on wildlife and fire risk.

Thu 16 Nov 2017

Great news! Planning Officer Richard Fitzjohn sends a letter to inform all concerned that both planning applications 17/01071/FUL and 17/01072/FUL have been withdrawn. Thanks to everyone on the RADE team and residents of Burwell, it's time to celebrate. New plans may still be submitted in future, however, so the RADE team will remain prepared.

Sun 12 Nov 2017

The planning committee has now been delayed to Jan 10th 2018 to allow time for the applicant to submit further info requested by the local planning authority and for re-consultation. Due to the large number of objections, a request was placed for all three parish councils (Burwell, Reach, Swaffham Prior) to speak at the planning committee - this request was granted.

Sat 14 Oct 2017

Great turnout at the RADE Burwell table at the Farmer's Market. A paper and online petition is launched and gets over 40 signatures in the first morning. Add your signature here.

Fri 29 Sept 2017

A newsletter is sent out with the Clunch to make sure all the residents of Burwell are aware of the planned development and the campaign against it. This issue of the Clunch also contains an editorial on the proposed development from Vaughan Allanson and an article about the RADE Burwell campaign written by John Clarke.

Mon 18 Sept 2017

The number of objections and comments from Burwell residents on the planning applications is now over 120! Keep those letters coming in; see the Links and Resources page to find out how.

Fri 15 Sept 2017

The applicant has requested a further month to change plans, so it is likely to come to planning in December. It gives them more time to make a better case, but it also gives us more time to get organised and spread the word. Keep the momentum up everyone!

Thurs 14 Sept 2017

Planning Officer Richard Fitzjohn sends a letter to the developers asking for an extension on the decision period.

Wed 13 Sept 2017

Great turnout for the meeting in St Mary's. The residents of Burwell listened to the presentation from John Clarke and Mike Haworth, and asked some excellent and thought-provoking questions, It's clear that the village is united in protest against the proposed development.


Thanks to everyone that came and thanks to the villagers for distributing the leaflets to most peoples doors with such short notice. Thanks also to Eleanor Williams and church wardens for the use of the church and equipment.

Tue 12 Sept 2017

Large numbers of Burwell residents attend the Parish Council meeting to express their concern about the proposed development. The Council agree to stand behind residents in objecting to the plans.

Sat 9 Sept 2017

Emergency meeting called at The Guildhall to discuss the planned application for a gas-powered generator plant in Burwell. Word begins to get out across the village and the residents start to prepare their objections.

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